Knights of Tension

by Joey Cramsey

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A dedication album to three people who made existence a bearable thing to do for the last few years.


released July 20, 2017




Joey Cramsey Chicago, Illinois

The Internet revolutionized music. People don't need a label anymore; they simply need to bring their work to the world. Old traditions are being cast aside. Composers are writing whatever they want, and new sounds are sprouting up left and right. The world of sound is flourishing, and Joey's goal is to simply contribute to the movement.

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Track Name: Royal (Strange Love)
Give my love; my strange love.
Give to you such strange dates on strange days.
I want to hold your hand through many worlds.
Oh, it's true.
Inside jokes, and our rules.
Just us two.
Rule the world; just our world; rule with you.
Sail the seas on ocean's breeze.
I want to hike the land, walk the sands, from here to eternity; infinity.
I love you.
Track Name: Cold Burn (feat Psychosymphony)
Every knight was capable in the fight,
As adrenaline shot from day until night.
Healer in the back ensuring all's well,
and Royal raining hell until enemy walls fell.
But standing in front, plutonium in his eyes,
fists so cold he could make the stars die,
If Healer was the shield, and Royal the sword,
Cold Burn was the animal rage from dark cores.

The Emperor foe was hiding in a cage,
Praying to the galaxy that war lasted a day.
Outside his troops were steadily and slowly dropping;
Gunshots, war cries, occassional grenade popping.
As the Cold knight could tank all he could see,
maybe the Emperor was praying accurately.
Only 21 hours, and the doors burst wide...
The Emperor was left with nowhere to hide...

Romanticization paints beauty in a cage,
but there isn't ever enough to cease this knight's rage.
Something in the cycles will always be true:
You think yourself a god, but he will punch through.

Frostbite has nothing on me, 'cause I have heard all of the screams!
Should you even scratch my friends, your bones will break past one could mend!
I'm the one who shouldn't be! Smash the limits! Hunt the key!
If there's one thing you will learn, it's that I am the Cold Burn!

(Oceans full) Iyu!
(of radiation) Ina!
(Batteries of) Urho!
(intimidation) Eha!
(Oven rows) Roma!
(full of rage) Ela!
(Rip the corpse) Krua!
(Purge like a phage) Kea!

Nobody would stay around the see the CB work.
They weren't here for assassination, just infiltration first.
It wasn't that the Cold Knight had no sense of self-control,
He thought that torture on the Emperor was how one paid the toll.
Hours spent keeping this tyrant just above his death.
Blades implanted, blood harvested, awake for all the rest.
Survivors say the screams were heard for miles on and on;
Shrieks for mercy in duet with the Cold Burn Knight's song.