Space Warfare

by Joey Cramsey

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Bullet-speed jousting matches in orbit spray neon lines of bright pyrotechnic tracers into the void. Forget what the movies have taught you; this is Space Warfare.

A parody track of Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" opens with a lone surviving astro-infantryman, hiking across the surface of Luna to reach the extraction point.

Months later, in the track "Space Warfare", our astronaut is found panicking in the midst of his gunship, split in half by incoming fire.

Tales from the front are sure to make any hard science fiction fan tremble from invasion burn.


released January 19, 2017




Joey Cramsey Chicago, Illinois

The Internet revolutionized music. People don't need a label anymore; they simply need to bring their work to the world. Old traditions are being cast aside. Composers are writing whatever they want, and new sounds are sprouting up left and right. The world of sound is flourishing, and Joey's goal is to simply contribute to the movement.

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Track Name: What a Wonderful World (Parody)
I see peaks of ice
sands of white
the powder and rocks
twinkling in the light
And I think to myself,
what a wonderful world.

Feel the hug of low-G,
The clearest of skies
The bright blessed sun,
'gainst the darkness of nights.
And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world.

Showers of the tracers,
like lightning they streak by.
I feel distant from the fights
that wage on up high.
There are words you will call me;
"Nihilist" may be one.
But complexity's beauty
Outshines the Sun

The future is ours,
after all,
The enemy was mighty,
and they too will now fall.
And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world.

Yes, I think to myself,
What a wonderful world.

*Opens comm*
Alright. Command, that's it. Now Luna is ours. I need some transport now, please and thank you...
*Closes comm*
Track Name: Space Warfare
*Fearful breathing; oxygen monitor beeps in helmet*

Hyper-v rounds pierce the void in the dark,
Tracer coatings show crews where they land their mark.
Circuits do the ready, steady, aim, and fire.
Reaches so big, we can't rely on fly-by-wire.
Not like we can see the target; 30 klicks out. (Too far)
Not like we can hide from it when radiators shout. (Too hot)
Can't be stealthy with a background of perfect four;
Constant perfect intel; you couldn't know more.

Tremble from invasion burn
Drop the stages into the sky
One way ticket to the end
Tracers burn lines in the dark
From here on out it's do or die
Hermann Oberth screams "go!"
Engines burn a powerful glow
Dance in bullet showers bright
See the nukes burst in the night
No delta-V for flight; just fight


No delta-V for flight; just fight!!

This isn't a navy.
This isn't an air force.
This is a low-orbit fleet,
with new tricks, of course.
Not like we need fighters; humans won't survive.
Not like we need an ambush; where's the surprise?
Forget what you know; movies don't apply.
Leave theatrics at the door, unless you want to die.

Fight for the mission, and your return.
No delta-V for another burn.
The worst sound that you can hear
is the vacuum ripping open your ear.